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For a healthy personal growth, you must give equal attention to your 3 main intelligences - intellectual, physical and emotional/spiritual.                   

FUN Projects

all life is love

aug/Sept 2013

Filming Danone mood video on event organised by Mash HQ. Editing in process.

September 2013

Filming Obligate Symbiosis was a terrific experience. The film looks fantastic, and all performances are powerful!

June/July 2013

We are excited to edit Jess Philimore's 'Beneath the Surface

a vibrant documentary shot in

the Carribean.

Event  timelapse  showreel

Video  showreel  2013 / 2014

August  2013

Started preproduction for original concept short film - Obligate Symbiosis.

Award winning this reality - trailer

Obligate Symbiosis Teaser

Feb 2014

Post production over - Obligate Symbiosis is looking great. Stay tuned for screenings or ask for a private link if you want to watch it. 

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